设计用于Microsoft SharePoint 的智能软件

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SharePoint Forms 用于 Sharepoint、Office 365 和其它。

Kintivo Forms Anywhere for SharePoint (including Office 365) allows you to easily design SharePoint forms without code, including a responsive look & feel, branding and custom actions. Build sophisticated mobile friendly SharePoint forms for SharePoint and SharePoint Online (Office 365) using a browser based form builder that supports your own design for any device and screen size. Form preview mode allows you to be sure your forms are exactly the way you want them prior to publishing. Powerful yet easy to use features include the ability to publish your forms anywhere using embed code. The form itself may be placed on any web page, anywhere. This includes SharePoint, SharePoint Online, or on any website, CMS or Ecommerce site. You can even attach the form to an email and the form will still post to your SharePoint list. Secure forms using SSL and Google ReCaptcha anti-spam bot technology, and choose a professional theme or your own rich HTML.