TBarCode For SAP

为SAP 系统企业范围, 统一和打印机独立的条形码打印

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V10.2.1 2017/12/14


Optimize Quality for 8 Dots/mm Thermal Printers

Improved handling of thermal transfer printers with 8 Dots/mm printing resolution. To enable the new optimization you can use the barcode.ini Parameter "OptimizeFor8DotsPerMM" or the new print control O=2. The difference to the previous optimization (O=1) is the enhanced accuracy for 8 Dots/mm (=203.2 dpi). If you need the new method depends on the Windows printer driver.

32 Bit Setup

Removed warning dialog if SAPlpd is not present on the target system. Instead the Barcode DLL for SAPlpd will not be installed.