dbForge Studio for My SQL


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SQL 开发者和 DBAs 在执行复杂的数据库任务是可以使用这款工具加速所有的用户体验,如设计数据库,编写 SQL 代码,比较数据库,同步模式和数据,生成有意义的测试数据等。

没有必要浪费时间去搜索和购买网上的 SSMS 插件来完成你的工作, dbForge Studio for SQL Server 包含了你需要的所有功能。


数据库开发是一个复杂的过程,它涵盖了许多步骤和技术,而不仅仅是创建表和填充数据。dbForge Studio for SQL Server 提供了广泛的功能和一堆内置工具,这些工具将自动化例程并使开发人员在数据库开发中做到敏捷开发。


  • Edit and run queries in a new SQL document
  • Build queries in a visual designer
  • Run a large script without loading it into memory
  • Track changes of production database
  • Create unit tests using tSQLt framework
  • Debug stored procedures and functions
  • Source control database changes
  • Create database objects in a visual editor
  • Generate database scripts



dbForge Studio for SQL Server 包含了数据库管理工具帮助DBAs保护数据并在它们危害数据库健康之前解决问题。


  • Compare and synchronize database schemas
  • Compare and synchronize data of two databases
  • Copy databases
  • Generate database documentation in HTML, PDF, or Markdown file format
  • Create schema snapshots
  • Generate test data and instantly populate a database
  • Export/import table data to a file (CSV, Excel, XML, etc.)



Database administration is a complex and time-consuming work that requires high skills and experience. That's why Studio for SQL Server provides professional SQL Server administration tools for secure database management.


  • Automate deployment to a production server
  • Set up user accounts and permissions
  • Copy, move or upgrade an SQL Server database
  • Backup and restore databases
  • Monitor SQL Server performance in online mode
  • Generate schema and database scripts
  • Diagnose server problems using traces
  • Find and fix database index fragmentation issues